Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting closer!

I had a meeting this morning, so I took advantage of some daylight and stopped by the house. I was thrilled to see that the garage door was open -- this meant I could go inside and see the progress!!

The builder was installing our granite!! Ooooooo -- look at that dark stain on the kitchen cabinets! Beautiful!!

We're now standing in the family room, looking into the Dining Room. I love the big window looking out to the front yard.

I'm standing in basically the same place, but this picture is looking towards the front door (middle right of picture), scrapbook room, and the mantle. The arch on the far right leads into the Dining Room.

Hall bath. Obviously no plumbing or lighting has been installed.

Guest suite. The granite has been installed around the sink.

This shot is of the Master Bath. We are SO looking forward to the double sinks!! Whoo hoo! Sorry this picture is so dark -- remember, no electricity yet.

My jetted tub!!!! Yippee!!! The tub is nestled in between the doors of the wrap-around closet. Sure wish I could get a picture of the closet. WOW!

Dave drove by later this afternoon and saw the painter prepping the exterior. Seems like that should be happening pretty soon! The builder says that all of the flooring will be next! YIPPEE!!

On a work note: our temporary cook didn't show up today!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? I was away at a meeting until almost 11 and when I arrived at the Preschool, I discovered that the Assistant Director was not only putting away the food we had ordered yesterday, but she was also trying to prepare lunch! Obviously, I jumped in and got things taken care of. Then, I spend the rest of the afternoon writing the lesson plans for our music classes next week. Whew!

You never know what your day will look like when you are a Preschool Director!

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