Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Home Tour - Part 5

Last stop on the Christmas Home Tour!!!!

This is how we displayed our cards this year. I took an old picture frame and hot glued twine across the back. Those little black things you see are actually tiny chalkboards attached to clothespins. For actual cards, we simply slipped them over the twine. For pictures, we pinned them to the twine. We have happily added several more cards, so the display has filled up nicely.
Yes, it's leaning on the floor! I had grand plans to hang it using Command Hooks, but the hooks didn't stick. The frame might - or might not - have come crashing down at least once!
I figured leaning it would be GREAT!!

Santas and angels have taken up residence in the Guest Bedroom.

This tiny tree is for angels.

I love my Santas. This started out as a small collection, but as collections do,
this one has grown quite a bit over the years.  Some are antiques, some came from the Dollar Tree, and some have been given as gifts. I love them all!

And lastly, a quick picture of our back fence. I really didn't do much for the back yard. Guess that may have to be a project for next year!!

And, that's all folks!!! Thanks so much for sticking with me. I love decorating our home for every different holiday/season, but I especially go crazy for Christmas. It's just so much fun!! I hope you have enjoyed it and that you have spread Christmas cheer throughout your home as well.

Merry Christmas!!!
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Christmas Home Tour - Part 4

Hooray for making it this far! You're almost to the end.

Part 4 of The Tour starts in our Master Bedroom. This room is very difficult to film,
so I'll apologize up front!

I'm standing in the doorway, looking back towards the bed.
The master bath is on the right.....far out of this shot.

I am a HUGE lover of carousel horses. I've been collecting carousel horse ornaments for at least 15 years and try to get 1 or 2 every year. They are VERY hard to find and I'm always ecstatic when I run across one. I do have a couple of other animals, but I really prefer the horses. They are so majestic!

This arrangement is very simple, but very meaningful to me. The "blanket" is actually a hand-made tree skirt. It was under my grandparents' tree for years and years. I love the connection to family!
The stars in the wooden basket are also hand-made by the same grandmother and my great-grandmother. I recognize several of the fabrics from different articles of clothing that I (and my loved ones) wore. Everything was crafted with love and now they bring that same love into my home.

 I also keep another major collection in our Master Bedroom......
my collection of Precious Moments.
I started collecting them when I was in High School. My mom has given me several each year ever since. This year, I decided to display the Christmas ones all by themselves.
Their sweet little faces always make me so happy!

These next 2 are the first one's I ever got. Thanks, Mom!!!

Ok, everybody!! you knew I couldn't stop at the bathroom door!! If DH gets a special tree in his bathroom, then I get one in the Master Bath!

I think every girl deserves a little sparkly, purple Christmas tree!!

Thanks for reading! You just have 1 more post to go!!
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Home Tour - Part 3

Part 3 starts in our Dining Room.

We have an open concept floorplan and our Family Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen all open up together. The Dining Room faces the front of the home.
It's window is the one you see in our front garden.

This picture is the start of the tablescape. I only have the silver chargers out right now....not the full table. The centerpiece is just a simple mixture of pine branches (fake, of course), a silvery-purple ribbon, and purple ornaments, a gold candle, and a gold charger. The tree has silver,  but the rest of the room has a lot of gold. I am still "old-school" and don't usually blend silver and gold, but it just seemed to work for the table.
 (And you are totally singing the "Silver and Gold" song from Rudolph, aren't you?!?!)

A few years ago, we went to Atlanta to celebrate with my brother and his family. My nephew left cookies and milk for Santa and Santa wrote a thank-you note back to M!! We were all super excited! I HAD to take a picture!

Our TREE!!

Our formal tree is huge and is covered in purple, silver, and white. It's the same theme we've had for the past 6 years and I love it just as much today as I did when I first started shopping for the ornaments.  

I just LOVE having the lights on! It's so beautiful!!

OK -- We have finally made it to the kitchen. Theme = Gingerbread!

It's funny - I don't like the taste of gingerbread and I don't cook, but I love gingerbread decorations. They are so cute and festive! Here's our gingerbread tree. It's a 4' tree that already has lights and berries. It looks more formal, but then the playful decorations make it fun.

3 gingerbread placemats and fun decorations across the bar.

Thanks, Mom, for the "vintage" Christmas cookie cutters!! Yup - they really are vintage. She pulled them out of the basement and sent them straight to me! I just tossed them in a pretty glass trifle dish, added some silver ball ornaments, and presto - a cute display for the kitchen.

Last stop on the third part of this tour, is the Hot Chocolate station. Feel free to help yourself.
The Keurig is just to the right of this picture and the mugs are in the cabinet overhead.
Fix your favorite flavor and add some marshmallows and/or a candy cane.
Enjoy your break and we'll finish the tour tomorrow!

Good Night!
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Christmas Home Tour - Part 2

Sorry for the delay in getting the rest of the Home Tour posted. We've just returned from a wonderful few days in Katy, visiting the newest members of the family. We have a very special 3-yr-old boy and twin 7-month-old boys that we got to love on and spoil for several days!! We're back, but just for a quick pit stop at home. We're headed to Perryton to share Christmas Cheer with another set of adorable kiddos. We are blessed!!
So, after that break, we are now back to our regularly scheduled program!! The continuation of our Christmas Home Tour!

Family Room
We have Wally World bookcases that flank our fireplace and tv. We think the black/brown finish of the particle board helps increase the style quotient! Ha Ha!'s a favorite place of mine to decorate and I really went for it this Christmas. I put something holiday-related on every shelf.

I moved my faith candles to the top shelf and placed some pine greenery and Christmas ornaments around the candles. I also wrapped empty boxes and added some of my favorite purple ribbon.

I have a large collection of children's Christmas books and this year I decided to include them in my decorating. I thought it was a really fun touch.

The bookcase to the right of the fireplace holds all of our Department 56 Snow Village pieces. DH put them up this year and he did a creative job. I loved how he put some of the houses facing each other instead of all of them facing out. We dream of having a big platform with lots of other pieces. It will be fun adding to this collection over time.

This is my very favorite house. It reminds me of my Granny's house in Georgetown, KY.

One of our best vacations was when we drove to Pennsylvania and stopped at all kinds of awesome places --- Like the World's Largest Strawberry, and the Roller Skating Hall of Fame. I just opened the AAA book and searched for interesting places, and we'd head that direction. When we saw the World's Largest Ball of Twine figurine, we knew we had to add it to our village!

We'll finish this room with the Nativity. This was one of the first pieces we purchased when
we got married. I love it!

Well, that's all  for this part of the tour. Take a little break and I'll be back soon -- I promise!!!
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