Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We're in!!!

We moved into our new home on Saturday -- when the weather was misty/sleety and in the 20's -- and we hardly noticed. To us, it was a great day!

The movers arrived at our former home at 8:45 that morning and I started crying almost immediately. I know - people always talk about the emotions tied up in their homes. I knew I'd probably cry, but I wasn't sure when it would get me. Well, let me tell ya - it was within the first few minutes! They had just started carrying things out when I had to disappear (a couple of times) for a little while. The house on Oak Ridge represented so much for me as an individual, and to us as a couple. I just had to grieve a little bit.

And then........ We walked into OUR NEW HOME and the butterflies started! Everything is so fresh and clean. It has a great "new home" smell!! We absolutely love it!! Sure, there are some quirks that we'll have to get used to (meaning: change so I like it!), but that's part of the fun.

This house is layed out so differently from our old house, that it's a challenge trying to figure out where everything will live. So far, we're just putting things somewhere "close", knowing that time will help us figure everything out. It's going to be fun.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where my camera cable ended up!! We finally got internet today, so I was excited to update my blog, but now I can't upload any pictures. Ha Ha! Oh well - this just means you'll have to come back another day!!

Well, I'm off to tackle another box! See ya later alligator!

Friday, December 9, 2011

OMG - It's OURS!!

Well, today was "The Day!!" We closed on our new home!!  We couldn't be more thrilled! The entire Tim Roten operation did a super job and we love everything about the company and our new home. Here's just a few pictures.

 Love the wood floor in the Dining Room!

In the Dining Room, looking through the Family Room to the back yard.

Scrapbook Room.

 Hall bath

Guest bed/bath.

One view of the backyard. Eventually, Dave's shed will fill in that spot. Until then, it's Riley's space!!

Close to the back fence, looking back towards the house.

The movers are coming tomorrow at 8:30. It's hard to believe that we're actually moving, but we are!! Guess I'd better hit the sack pretty soon. Tomorrow promises to be a full day!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I got to see!!

I was finally able to leave the Preschool long enough that I could run by the new house!! Yeah for me!!

This is what I saw.....

Plumbing fixture in kitchen. Dishwasher installed.

Microwave and range --installed.

Chandelier in the Dining Room. Isn't it beautiful?? It looks black, but it's actually oil rubbed bronze. We were able to choose it and I love it!!

A shot of the fire place. I'm a little bummed b/c it isn't a wood burning one, but that's OK. This one is electric and will put out heat, or we can have the flames w/o the heat. It'll take some getting used to, but it might actually get used more than the one we currently have.

Ceiling fan in my Scrapbook Room!!!! Whoo Hoo!! I don't have one now and it gets hot! Guess I'm just working hard.....

Lights and plumbing fixtures in the Master Bath. (Obviously no mirror yet.)

Guest bath - light fixture and faucet - no mirror.

2 ceiling fans on the back porch. Finally some relief from the super hot summers!! We ran wires for our surround sound. It will be nice to sit outside, enjoying the breeze and listening to music.

They were blowing in the insulation when I left. Later today, they were planning to start laying the wood floor in the Dining Room. Next week comes the rest: fence, sod, window blinds, mirrors, shower door, and bars in closets. Closer......