Thursday, December 1, 2011

I got to see!!

I was finally able to leave the Preschool long enough that I could run by the new house!! Yeah for me!!

This is what I saw.....

Plumbing fixture in kitchen. Dishwasher installed.

Microwave and range --installed.

Chandelier in the Dining Room. Isn't it beautiful?? It looks black, but it's actually oil rubbed bronze. We were able to choose it and I love it!!

A shot of the fire place. I'm a little bummed b/c it isn't a wood burning one, but that's OK. This one is electric and will put out heat, or we can have the flames w/o the heat. It'll take some getting used to, but it might actually get used more than the one we currently have.

Ceiling fan in my Scrapbook Room!!!! Whoo Hoo!! I don't have one now and it gets hot! Guess I'm just working hard.....

Lights and plumbing fixtures in the Master Bath. (Obviously no mirror yet.)

Guest bath - light fixture and faucet - no mirror.

2 ceiling fans on the back porch. Finally some relief from the super hot summers!! We ran wires for our surround sound. It will be nice to sit outside, enjoying the breeze and listening to music.

They were blowing in the insulation when I left. Later today, they were planning to start laying the wood floor in the Dining Room. Next week comes the rest: fence, sod, window blinds, mirrors, shower door, and bars in closets. Closer......

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