Friday, January 6, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sorry for the delay. So much has happened in the past few weeks. It's been impossible to sit down to blog. Of course, the biggest news is that we moved into our new home and moved completely out of our old one. It took more trips that any of us thought it would, but we finally did it.

Moving day was a cold, drizzly December day. It was in the 20's with a constant heavy drizzle - not fun. Still, it wasn't bad. I guess the excitement of moving in warmed even that miserable weather. I'll tell ya - this was the day I officially fell in love with our electric fireplace. Instant heat! Whoo Hoo!

I had to work 6:30-6:30 the week prior to Christmas. When I was home, we tried to open boxes and at least get some spaces presentable, becuase my mom and dad came to see us the week after Christmas. They spent the week with us and it was great to see them.

This week, Dave and I both got the stomach bug! YUCK!!! He missed 1 day of work and I missed 2. (Sorry Mom and Dad -- hope ya'll didn't get it!!)

Here are a few pictures......Yes, they showcase our messy home. Don't judge - just re-read the above!! ; )

View from our bedroom door, facing the front of the family room.

Collection of Snow Villages. This bookcase is to the right of the tv. We're already planning how to display them next year.

Our "main tree" in the Dining Room.

The "family tree" in the Scrapbook Room.

View into the kitchen. Geez - I didn't realize I still had that much space above the cabinets. When you actually look at them, it doesn't seem like it.

The Guest Bedroom. Mom and Dad were the first ones to stay here. Since they stayed a week, I guess they liked it! : )

We obviously have a long way to go before our home will be "finished" (as if it ever will be...), but we're working on it. This is the fun part!!

Check back again and I'll try to post more reguarly!

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