Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally something to write about....

Oh my goodness!! Can it really be that long since I last blogged? Sheesh!

Well, I now have something really exciting to blog about......Dr. Dave and I have decided to build a new house.  We are super excited!

I love my current house, but we are ready to something different.

Upper left is the color of the shingles. Bottom is obviously the sample of the bricks. The right side is an example of the stone. The stone will be around the front door. We've been looking at homes with stone for quite a while. How fun that we will now have stone on our home!

These inside pix are from the model home, but they match our choices. Our kitchen will have the same stain and staggered heights. We're also using the same granite. I love the black appliances! We have them now and I'm happy I can use my current fridge in the new house.

The layout of this kitchen is very different from our home. We'll have an island and a window over the sink. This one has a breakfast bar with sink. (I like ours better!!)

Love the arches! Again, our floorplan is different, but we'll still have several arches. These are the paint selections we'll be using. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but it's a darker/yellowish/tan. (How's that for a specific color??)

Notice the cool in-laid tiles in the backsplash? I didn't realize we'd have those! How fancy!

I'll post more pictures as we go through the process. I can hardly wait!!

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