Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lots of updates!!

Wow - I miss blogging for a few days and now I have lots of things to cram (I mean, gently shove) into this post!!

First of all, OUR HOUSE IS LISTED!!!

The real estate agent came on Monday to take all the pictures. By late that evening, we were on the internet. We have our official MLS #, so now anyone in the world can look at our house. Maybe someone from Singapore will love it and want to move to West Texas!!

Here's the link -- check it out for yourself.

If the link doesn't work, search for MLS # 9983182

Be sure to grab some popcorn and take the virtual tour.

On Tuesday, we had a big sign in our front yard!!

Since we hadn't been to our lot in several days, we decided to go on Wed night. We were pleasantly surprised to see......

YEAH!! The slab is poured! That first shot is my scrapbook room back through the guest suite. Did ya see how thick that concrete is?!? That's a LOT thicker that our current slab. The second picture is looking from the front of the garage to the back of the master bathroom.

Well, we thought surely nothing would happen for a few days -- the concrete would need some time to cure. On Thursday evening, we decided to drive by, "just for a quick look, even though nothing has happened."


The exterior walls are framed!!! OMG!!!! I was totally surprised!!! I really hadn't expected to see any progress today. It was so crazy to see parts of an actual house standing where just dirt had been only a short time ago!

This shot is looking through the kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath.

This picture is of the scrapbook room. You can see that the interior walls have been built and are ready to be raised into place. Whoo Hoo!!

Guess we'd better stop by on Friday night. There's no telling what we'll see!!

So, that's a lot, right? Wait -- THERE'S MORE!!

We had our first showing today. A differnet realator brought some people by to look at our current house. We haven't gotten any feedback yet. Hopefully, we'll get some good feedback soon. I have to admit, it was really eerie coming home tonight, knowing that strangers had been walking around, critiquing everything. Yuck. Still, it's worth it........ Maybe the people in Singapore aren't studying this house too much. They'll just love it "as is"! : )

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