Sunday, May 13, 2012

Faith Candles

Sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks. Work has been crazy busy and has taken all of my extra time. Even so, I managed to squeeze in a small project. Enjoy!
I found these brass candlesticks while out thrifting. Sorry - I forgot to take the first official picture -- ugly brass with some strange markings all over them. I lightly sanded them down and cleaned them up and grabbed my can of black spray paint.

Yup - I'm a rebel -- didn't prime, didn't use a special paint -- Nuthin fancy! Just a .99 can from Lowe's. It did take several coats and I would HIGHLY recommend NOT trying this in West Texas with a dirt yard - during a windy day! Augh!

I already had 3 small pillar candles. They were a mix of white and off-white. I knew I wanted to do something special. I just couldn't leave them nekkid!

The church I work at was giving away some old hymnals and I couldn't grab one up fast enough! DH and I love to sing, and we especially love to sing the old standards. The songs in this hymnal were perfect. I simply ripped out some of our favorite songs. I tore them into small pieces and lightly burned the edges.

Note: This smells a lot worse and smokes a lot worse than you think it will!! You might want to do this part outside. Just be careful - it's harder to see the pages burn outside! It's trade-off.

Love a good Mod Podge project!

First: paint a light coat of Mod Podge all around the candle. Next: layer the torn/burned paper. You'll need to add a touch of MP to help lay the edges down.

I stepped back and took a look -- then added a light touch of my walnut stain distress ink. I just pounced a cotton ball onto the ink pad and then lightly rubbed it right on the paper. There were just a few places I thought needed a little extra umph.

A thrifted silver tray and moss "rocks" from the Dollar Tree complete the vignette.

My finished project!! I love it!!

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