Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Flowerbed

Whoo Hoo! We dug a new flowerbed today. I call it the "Street Garden". It still needs a little work, but it's basically done.

The focal piece is our new Chitalpa tree. I really like this tree. It is a cross between a Catalpa and a Desert Willow. I am not a fan of the Desert Willow because I don't like the seed pods. The Chitalpa does not have those pods. In the spring and summer, it's covered with little pink flowers that look like mini orchids. It grows really fast and tolerates both our super hot summers and our freezing winters.

Right now, she just looks like a tall shrub, but in a couple of years, she'll be about 20 feet tall with a beautiful pink and green canopy.

We plan to put in a small landscaping boulder, but right now a paver holds its place.
The only flowers that I have so far are a yarrow and a small lantana. I'm not sure which cultivars I have. I bought both of them on clearance and neither one had their id tags. Guess it will be a mystery! Yippee!! : )

More fun stuff....

One of our favorite nurseries is closing and they had a huge sale!! (The closing part definitely isn't the "fun stuff". I will miss TG Trees!!) We purchased several things for our yard. (Including the Chitalpa)

Cedar Elm
Can you believe it -- this guy only cost me $44!! SCORE! It's hard to tell in this picture, but it's a 30-gallon tree. It was 80% off!!! WHOO HOO!! He's leaning right now, so we had to put it against the fence until we can get it in its permanent home.

We paid about $25 for this tree. It was originally cut in a spiral, but they let it go. Fine with me. That's a lot of work. I'm happy to let it grow naturally. It will be anchor on this side of a new flowerbed along our back fence. This will be the next bed that we'll create. (But with 100 degree days, we're not in a major hurry!!) That little pot beside the tree is the other half of the lantana from our Street Garden.

The Vitex will anchor a new bed along the side our house, inside the "courtyard" part of our backyard. I don't have this bed designed yet, so we'll probably just plant the Vitex and then create a bed later.

ALL of these new plants cost less than $200!! Not too shabby for a crazy hot weekend in August!

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