Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy 1st Year!

Dec 10, 2011 we moved in to our new home -- exactly 1 year ago today. We still LOVE this house!! It's absolutely perfect for us. It's hard to believe that a year has already passed. Time definitely does fly.

In the past year, we have:
- Shared our home with family and friends on multiple occasions
- Bought new furniture
- Built a shed in the backyard
- Dug and established 5 new flowerbeds, including the front patio
- Planted 6 trees
- Floored the attic
- Added new shelving to the attic
- Designed and built my scrapbook room
- Had fun decorating each room and making this house a "home"

Sure, there are more projects to do (all of which my dear hubby is super excited to tackle!!!), but that's part of the fun. For now, I'm going to enjoy this evening by sitting in the dark, with only the Christmas tree lights glowing. Ahhh!! My spirit is at peace!!!

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