Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Back.....AGAIN

Hello...... HELLO.......


Anyone still out there?? Probably not, but that's OK. Hopefully I'll be able to build up again.

I've been MIA for quite some time now. There's just been too much going on. I've thought about writing lots of times, but haven't had the time (or taken the time) to do it. Sorry. I'm anxious to get back to blogging, so here goes.

This is part of what I've been up to.

* Reading lots of blogs. I love reading what other people are doing. I love learning about their home decor, craft projects, organization projects, and just life. I don't know how these other ladies remain so committed to their writing. I also don't know how to do all the fancy stuff they have on their sites. Alas, mine will remain boring!

* Working like a crazy person. I have to be honest -- this has been an incredibly rough semester for me. There have been many days that I have wanted to just toss in all of my cards and take off running for a deserted field of wildflowers. (Insert a picture of a field of Queen's Anne's Lace, sunflowers, little purple flowers, and wild grasses! Ahhh!)

I hope I don't bust any one's bubble, but let me tell you ---- Working in a faith-based program is NOT filled with praise and worship all the time! I haven't had trouble with the children or the teaching staff. It's all been with....... Well, I'll leave that up to you. I've already said too much.

Every time I think I've reached my limit, one of my Little's will say or do something that melts my heart or one of my Big's will be going through some sort of 20-something crisis and I know I have to stay. God was very clear about bringing me to this place and I haven't gotten the message that it's time for me to leave. Obviously, I'm still supposed to be learning something and/or I still have something to do. I'll keep going and hope I'm in His plan.

* Learning to live with my fibromyalgia. Here's a news flash: Fibro is REAL! I know I need to go back to the doctor and tell him about what's still happening, but I honestly don't think anything would change. Don't get me wrong. I love my doc and he really listened to me when I was telling him how I felt. I just don't trust that anything would really get better. There's honestly not a day that I don't hurt somewhere. It's not always excruciating, but it's always there. The fatigue and depression vary from day to day. I get tired of talking about it all the time.

* We've been doing several projects around the house -- when we have time and when I feel like it. I plan to put these projects on my blog, so stay tuned.

* We've put in several new flowerbeds and everything is growing nicely. I'm super happy. I've even tried growing veggies for the first time. The lettuce looks beautiful but tastes horrible!! It's terribly bitter!! Oh well. Guess I'll try again next year. In the meantime, take a look at my tiny bell peppers and tomatoes!

This is my newest rose bush. It's called Neptune and is the sweetest light purple color! I just put it in at the end of April. I'm impressed with how well it's doing.

* DH's middle son and wife just delivered their twins. 2 precious little boys have now joined the family. We got to meet them when they turned 1 month old. So adorable! 

* I bought a new camera! I've been eyeing the Canon Rebel T3 for quite a while. I've held both the Nikon and the Canon and the Canon just felt best. I got an amazing deal where I got a camera bag, a tripod, an SD card, the basic lens, and the camera for about $450. SOLD!

Well, here's my promise that I'm going to be more faithful in posting.....hopefully you'll be faithful in reading!

Thanks for catching up with me!!
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