Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Warning: Whining Post

Well, this isn't the post I had intended to write. I have just finished a simple craft/home decor project and I should be posting about that, but I'm not. Instead, I need to whine about my fibro a little bit.

The last 2 days have been a little rough. I am hurting some, but mostly it's the depression, mental issues, and exhaustion. I spent some time yesterday doing something I love to do -- thrifting -- and I had a hard time all day! I even left Hobby Lobby after only a few minutes and I didn't buy anything! For people who really know me, that's almost a diagnosis for hospitalization! HL is my FAV store and I can always get lost in there and spend way too much time and money! Yesterday was definitely not the norm.

I "lost" my drink for 2 was on top of the deep freeze! I have no memory of putting a stereo on the floor, although I'm the only one who could have done it.

The pain in my left leg has woken me up for the last two nights. I have gotten up, taken medicine, put on my heating pad, and played on Pintrest on my phone until I could go back to sleep. Today, I fell asleep sitting in my recliner...I slept for 2 hours and could barely wake up even then.

Why am I feeling like this right now?? The weather is warm....not cold. We've had storms for several nights - could that be a trigger? My diet hasn't changed. (In fact, I've now put all of my weight back on! I have failed at Weight Watchers!) I'm still on vacation, so I can't blame this on work-related stress. I thought I'd been feeling pretty calm. Grrr!

I have to tell ya -- I HATE fibromyalgia!! I know I'm supposed to be learning through this process, but my brain is tired right now! I don't feel like learning anything else!

OK - enough whining. On to two things that bring me joy!

               Edited to add: Technical difficulties and the pictures won't load! Sheesh! I'll try again tomorrow!

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