Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cholesterol Medication. Really?!?!

Oh my. I had no idea that turning 40 would mean getting special "gifts" all year long! Like the gift of flabby arms or the gift of "visible sun damage" as my doctor just pointed out. Gee, thanks!

Well, my latest gift is a prescription for cholesterol medication! That's right, I said it. I turned 40 and now will be taking cholesterol medication. Yippee! Seems like my good stuff is good and that's well...... good! Unfortunately, my bad stuff is bad and yes...... that's bad. Hopefully I won't have to be on this very long. In the meantime, what did I have for supper the day I found out about this latest gift???? PIZZA! That's right. A girl has to find some therapy somewhere!!

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