Sunday, March 14, 2010

An almost clean and organized garage!!

Well, no before-after pictures today. Dr. Dave says, "no pictures of my garage on your blog. It's for your table stuff." Ha Ha. He wasn't mad - just talking. It was kinda funny, actually.

One of our goals for 2010 was to clean and organize our garage. It wasn't "hoarding" terrible, but it had gotten pretty junky. The weather has been so cold and rainy that today was really our first time to get out there. Unfortunately, we live directly behind a field and across the street from a golf course, so a mouse (or maybe 2) had taken up residence in the garage - uninvited I must say!! YUCK! What a mess! It sure felt good to get all that mess cleaned up.

All my holiday decorations are neatly stored in plastic tubs. All of Frank's stuff is stored in the attic. The golf clubs and accoutrement are stored in their rack. Packing paper and bubble wrap is in the attic. We made major progress!!

Dr. Dave was even lucky enough to get his truck in - at least for a few minutes! There's still too much stuff along the sides for us to get both of our vehicles in at the same time. Guess that project will have to wait for another day.

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