Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally some garden time!

Sunday was a glorious day!! Sunshine, warm temperatures, and just a little wind. Dr. Dave were finally able to spend some time in the yards and flower beds. It felt so great to have my pruners in hand. I got all but one of the flower beds cleaned out. I was working so hard, I didn't even notice the outcome.......

Dr. Dave asked what happened to my glove because it looked like I had pruned my finger. I tried to assure him that I hadn't pruned my finger - I already had a hole in my glove. He kept asking me why I didn't know the difference between my right thumb and the first finger on my left hand. I just laughed until I looked down at my hand!! I HAD cut through my glove!!

Soooooooo..........the next person who tells me it's gonna snow again this week had better watch out!! I'm lethal!

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bj said...

haahhhaaa...I know what you mean. We had 2 robins in our yard and it seems every time they showed up, we had snow the next day!!
I do believe we've had the last of our snows for this year...I am sure thankful for all the moisture thru the winter. Our water is so dangeriously low, we need all we can get. I think I heard today that we would be water rationed again this summer. My poor yard is just pitiful..