Monday, October 3, 2011

Here we go, Steelers!

First of all - yes, we lost. The team played horribly and it was disappointing. Still, the overall experience was AWESOME and I'm so glad we did it!!

The hubs has been a life-long Steeler fan. It's great hearing all the stories about his growing up loving the Steelers. Of course, he raised his boys to love them, and they are raising their boys to love them. When we found out that they were coming to Houston, well it was a given -- we were all going to the game!!

Dave's oldest son and his 10-year-old son drove about 4 hours to our house. The four of us loaded up in Dave's truck and drove 8+ hours to Katy, Texas, where his middle son and family lives. The entire trip, including the football game was a complete surprise to the 10-year-old!! We had literally just walked through the first ticket line when he realized what we were doing. His reaction was priceless -- just like the reaction of ALL the "big boys." :-)

Our seats were HIGH, but they were great. You could see everything......every sack, missed-place ball, missed tackle, etc.....

Big Ben in action.

Get 'em Troy!

Our 1 and only TOUCHDOWN! (Convenient that it was at our end of the field!!)

Wish I could've gotten close enough to see his smile!!  Ward always seems to be having so much fun.

We had a great time!

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