Friday, June 15, 2012

What the HAIL?!?!

Ever since we moved into our new home, our normally arid city has gotten lots of moisture. Of course, I'm very grateful for the rain. It's the STORMS I don't like!!

My poor, newly planted flowerbeds took a BEATING last night!! High winds, torrential downpour, and LOTS of hail sure did a number on everything.

This shot is looking out from the dining room. Can you see all the water rushing down the sidewalk?? Sheesh! All the white that you see is hail!! Mainly pea-sized, but still lot of it!

Shot from outside the scrapbook room. 

 Back porch and yard. Looks like SNOW!
Morning after pix:

This is what is left of the cover for our fire pit. We just got this in December!

All our mulch....down the drain! See that it's covering the last few stones? There are a few plants under all that mess.

My poor little hydrangea! Her leaves are all beaten! I saw flower petals all though the yard and driveway. All the mulch has been washed away.

The bird feeder has been blown over and the poor geranium is barely hanging on.

 Believe me - I spared you all the pictures I could have taken. I've already showed more than ya'll probably want to see! Anyway, I'm thrilled for the moisture - I really am. We've been praying for it and I'm grateful it's hear. I was just looking forward to some beautiful flowers. Guess we'll just see what happens next!

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