Monday, July 9, 2012

1 vehicle in!!

Whoo Hoo!! After 6 months of living in our new house, we finally have 1 vehicle in the garage!
The first big step was getting the shed built and DH's shop stuff moved. It took us several weekends, but we did it.

Then, we had to do lots of cleaning!! Whew! It was crazy!

All that hard work paid off when I was able to drive in! Yippee!! I even have plenty of room to walk around my car.

Next up -- making room for the truck.

Doesn't this picture look awful?!?!? It's pretty organized, but it's hard to tell in this shot! It all makes sense to us..... garage sale items, boxes of things to give away, empty boxes for "just in case", holiday decorations, and camping gear. Believe it or not, everything has a home. We just have to get those homes ready. Looks like we'll need a few more weekends!

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