Friday, February 26, 2010

Great day thrifting!

I haven't written in over a week. Work has been SUPER busy and I've been exhausted by the time I got home. I decided with all this hard work, I deserved to go shopping. to the thrift shops I went!

Look at these beautiful dishes!! They are melamine, and I love them! I didn't take close-up shots because I know I'm going to use them in a future tablescape and plan to take detailed pix then.

Can you see the sweet little butterflies all along the outer rim of the dinner plates? The salad plates make the perfect companion. If I close my eyes just right, I can see my tablescape already!! : )

Can you believe the price??? $2.99 for the set of 4 dinner plates!

$1.99 for the set of 4 salad plates!!

I bought all 8 plates for $5.48!! Whoo Hoo!!

Since I was so lucky at one store, I decided to hit a second. Good thing, because look what I found....

I know the "What Not to Wear" people are just screaming and tearing their hair out, but hey - I'm a Preschool Director!! This shirt is perfect for me. Plus, it was only $3!!!

I also found this great skirt for just $3!! It's originally from Coldwater Creek - DEFINITELY more than $3!

Well, that was all for this trip. Ahhhhh. Now, my challenge is to find the time to use all these treasures!

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