Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our first "married" furniture!!

Last night, Dr. Dave and I went out to supper. Nothing fancy, just one of our favorite places - The Shrimp Galley. For the first time in quite a while, we didn't have anything we had to do after supper, so on a whim we decided to visit a new furniture store. Well, that one store led to a second one which then led to.......


We both came to our marriage with some existing furniture which which great, but which is now honestly showing some wear and tear. My parents had graciously purchased a love seat and chair for me when I moved into my first apartment. I have loved these pieces and they helped me feel more like a "grown up". Still, it does get a little tiring to slide all the way to the floor everytime I sit on the cushions!! DH had a recliner that had been loved for quite a few years. You know the type! He never complains, but I know he's been ready for something new.

We had talked about getting something at some point, but had no serious plans. We hadn't even spent much time talking about what we wanted. All I know for sure, was it was love at first sight! As soon as I saw these pieces, I knew it was meant to be!! Now, I just have to wait 2-6 weeks until they come in.
They look like a dark brown leather, but they are actually a treated fabric. Definitely much better for us with a lab around!
Reclining love seat with drink holders!!
Couch that reclines on the end seats.

They threw in the end table for free. It matches our coffee table.

I can't wait to get our new furniture!! (Which of course will lead to new decorating. Once I get going with the decorating, that will lead to new paint! Once I decide to get painting, I will want crown molding! Ha Ha!!)

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