Sunday, March 11, 2012

Did ya miss me??

OK -- raise your hand if you missed me -- at all -- even noticed?? Anyone?? OK - I get it. This little blog is really just for me. That's alright.

The last couple of months have been consumed with work. Our Preschool has been nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) since well, forever. Programs have to be re-accredited every 5 years and this is our year. This was also my first year to go through it as a Director, so I felt a little extra pressure. Sure - we are a GREAT preschool and I honestly haven't been worried about whether we would "get it" or not. It's just the preparation and the desire to do a "perfect" job.

Did I mention that there are over 400 different criteria that have to be met??

There are 5 different "Sources of Evidence." Family Surveys, Staff Surveys (both completed last April), Classroom Observations, Classroom Portfolios, and a Program Portfolio. The teachers are responsible for the classroom pieces and I am responsible for the others. Of course, I'm also heavily involved with the classroom items as well. I see a major part of my job as supporting and helping the teachers.

I didn't take a picture of the Program Portfolio, but it is huge!! I took a single, 3" notebook, that wasn't very complete or organized, and turned it into three 3" notebooks that were extremely organized.

I did a HAPPY DANCE when the assessor told me there was NO MISSING EVIDENCE!! WHOO HOO!!!! That was a huge accomplishment for me! I spent HOURS on this portfolio and it was so rewarding to know that it was "perfect".

The day our assessment happened went very well!! It honestly could not have gone any better. The assessor was all-business, but we managed to get a smile or two out of her. NAEYC has up to 90-days to render their decision, but I'm not worried. I am confident that we WILL be Accredited again!

Now that this is done, I can get back to my life again!! Yippee!! Time for fun (which includes crafting projects, new tablescapes, home projects, and other super fun stuff!!)

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