Thursday, March 22, 2012

Picture Windows

I've seen so many variations of picture windows on Pintrest and other blogs and I've finally decided to post my own windows. DH and I actually finished these several months ago - I just never got around to creating a blog post about them. (Then we moved, then the NAEYC visit, and then well......)

So, here they are!! What do you think?? I didn't take pictures along the way, so I'll just have to explain them as we go.

First of all, we purchased 4 windows at our local Habitat for Humanity Resale Shop. We had to do some haggling and the lady didn't want to sell me this panel for the price. She quoted the price based on a different set of windows, but I didn't like that set. The man that was helping us said we could still have that price for this set. Boy was she mad at all of us when Dave and this guy were breaking down the panels to put them in the truck!! I made us drive away really fast!!

They were already a "dirty ivory" kind of color. I then used an old mixture of some sort of paint/glaze/stain. Honestly, this can is so old and I bought it at Habitat over a year ago. I truly have no idea what it is!!

We have 2 windows - one is horizontal and the other vertical. We filled each of the 12 frames with pictures that are especially meaningful to us.

After we selected the pictures, we chose which tone to use - color, b/w, and sepia. That might drive some people crazy, but we liked it this way. All of the pictures were originally printed as 8x10, but then we cropped a few in order to have the best image.

A thin piece of cardboard, a can of spray adhesive, and 12 pictures were mounted.
It's really hard to see in these pictures, but we attached glass knobs at the top and bottom of each row. I found knobs at HB that looked like antique glass. (Bought at 50% off, of course!!) I think they look great with the color and texture of the wooden frames.

We then ran a loop of twine between the 2 knobs. Finally, I hot glued the mounted pictures to the twine. Because the twine is looped around the knobs and not attached directly to the frame, the pictures almost "float" above the glass.
The windows now hang proudly in our Dining Room. We LOVE them!
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