Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blessings for today

I'm a blessed woman!

1) My hubby packed me a bag of snacks because I had several errands and I didn't want to buy lunch. (He offered to buy it, but I said no.)

2) My doctor appointment went well. He's been my doctor for almost 25 years and I love him. He takes the time to listen and really try to figure out what's going on. He increased my Cymbalta without me having to ask. Yay - hopefully that will help with the pain and depression.

3) I went to the Job Fair. Lubbock has quite a few jobs available. None for me, but still there are plenty of jobs for people who need them.

4) I used an old gift card to get the new Max Lucado book that I've had my eye on. The daily emails have really helped in my recovery and I'm super excited to read the entire book. I also found 2 more books for $1 each! AND I still have about $15 left for a later splurge.

5) It's a beautiful, sunny day, and my yard is filled with butterflies....all sizes and colors. A visual reminder of all of God's blessings and promises!

All of this, and it's not even noon!! Keep 'am coming, God! I've got my eyes open!!

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