Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coach Leach and Tech football fans got screwed!

I haven't posted in a week because I haven't had time! I've been obsessed - spending every available moment focusing on the firing of TTU Head Coach Mike Leach!

What happened to him (and to the fans!) was horrible!! Even IF there were grounds for termination, how the Tech Admin handled the situation was so terrible! (Btw - the jury is definitely still out on whether there were in fact legitmate grounds!) Yes, there's no doubt - Coach Leach is well, UNIQUE!

That doesn't make him a terrible person. Yes, he had an ego - Tell me a football coach anywhere who doesn't! Still, NO ONE can argue what he brought to Tech and to Lubbock. He was the Big 12 Coach of the Year and took us to Bowl Games each of the 10 years he was here. He gave us winning seasons and made it fun to go to the games.

Dr. Dave and I have taken my mil to every home game for the last several years. We honestly don't know if we'll renew our tickets for the 2010. We support the TEAM but we DO NOT support the Tech ADMINISTRATION!!!!

Dr. Dave and I each have 2 degrees from Tech and have always been proud Red Raiders. With this fiasco, we are embarassed. It's time for the NCAA and others to get involved. The politics within the university STINK!

Still, Go RAIDERS!

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