Friday, January 15, 2010

Do NOT Try This at Home!

I love being a Preschool Director! I get to experience so many firsts and it's wonderful. After being in this field for over 20 years, I figured I had probably seen most of the "firsts". Well, this was one I have certainly never experienced.....

We have a beautiful 3-year-old girl.....Let's call her *. You know the type - Strawberry blonde hair, big eyes, big smile, sweet personality. She's always "dressed" from head to toe, including those big colorful bows. Both of her parents are professional people and are always smartly dressed as well. Got a good picture in your mind?

Well, *'s breath suddenly started SMELLING!! Not just a little, but HORRIBLY so! Eye watering, knock you over, gag you, kind of filthy stench! We couldn't figure it out. Everything seemed the same. We washed her hands and face frequently and gave her good-smelling lotion. We figured maybe she had a bad sinus infection or maybe a cavity.

On Monday, her mom came in, asking us if we noticed that * really STUNK!! She said the same thing -- they had been giving * bath after bath, had put tons of lotion on her, etc. Still, no one could find the source.

When mom was helping * blow her nose, she said, "Ow Mommy. Wipee." OMG - this precious girl had stuck a wipee UP HER NOSE without telling anyone and it had been there for A WEEK!!! When mom finally got it out............ It was too terrible for me to even write!

Now, * doesn't stink! She smells just like a sweet little 3-year-old girl should smell!! : )

Moral: Don't put a wet wipee up your nose and leave it there for a week!

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