Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 2010 - a new year and a new blog entry

Yes, I've been a terrible blogger. Had so many good intentions, but....... So, here's a new opportunity. I love to decorate my home for Christmas! It makes everything seem so much homey-er. Is that even a real word??? Anyway, I love how my home looks when it's so bright and festive! I generally put the same things out every year, but I try to vary how I put them together. I think it's fun! Before I take everything down and store them in the garage, I thought I'd post some of my favorite decorations. WARNING - This post is photo-intense! Even though I didn't post any of the close-ups, there are still lots of pictures. Just smile and nod.......

Collection of Santas on the mantle. My mother-in-law made the stockings.
Carousel horse ornaments. My dream is to have enough to fill a tree. I have 19 right now, so I'm on my way!

Purple is my favorite color, so guess what -- our formal tree is purple! It is 10 feet tall and full of purple, silver, and white. I LOVE IT!!
Riley waiting under the tree. I'm sure she's wishing for the 18" long rawhide bone that Santa had ready to put in her stocking!!

Our family tree is in the Scrapbook Room. I love it. It's filled with ornaments that are special to us as a couple. We've added ones from trips along with special wedding ornaments and keepsakes. This tree just makes me happy.

Gingerbread in the dining room.

Poinsettas on the table. I bought these dishes years ago at K-Mart. At the time, I only wanted a set of 4. Now of course, I wish I had at least 6. Looks like I'm on another search.....more poinsetta dishes!

Snow Village collection. I really like the different villages that you can find, but my first one was the original - Dept. 56 Snow Villages. I'll stick with this one. I just love all the houses and businesses.

I don't like how the cords show, but I haven't figured out a good way to hide them. I don't want to cut a hole in this bookcase. Any ideas??

Angel tree in the Master Bedroom.

My dad built the clock for me several years ago. I LOVE it!

Guest bath. My grandmother and great-grandmother made the crochet ornaments. I LOVE them! My grandmother's tree was always filled with them, so having them hang in my house brings her a little closer.

My mom made the wall hanging. I have matching pillows in my bedroom.

Who knows what I'll do next year! I have 10 months to plan! Yippee!!

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