Monday, April 16, 2012

Bill Paying System

We have been so disorganized for the past 9 months and it's driving me crazy!! (Yes, it's been driving me crazy for a long time, but I'm just now at a point where I can do anything about it!!)

Between deciding to sell our home - having to pack things up to get ready to sell - keeping our home staged - packing to move into our new home - and now in our new home - SHEESH!! It's been hard to keep up with the bills and paperwork. Back when we first decided to move, I found one of those wooden bill organizers at a local thrift shop. I had big plans for it. Welp -- nothing has happened! (Feel free to refer back to the list above!!)

While stalking reading back posts in one of my fav blogs, I saw this simple way to handle monthly bills. Whoever said that copying is the highest form of flattery was definitely talking about me! I basically just copied everything she did!

I was determined to not spend any money on this project and I did it! Luckily, I'm a not-quite-hoarder!!!

First things, first -- Had to have a cute label!! Just some scrapbook paper and my trusty Cricut!

It will be MUCH EASIER to work on the bills when they are in a cute binder!

So, here's the inside tour. Be ready to be amazed!! (Just remember that your original amazement belongs to Angie at Echos of Laughter.)

A paper punch for 3-ring binders and am small zipper pouch for pens, stamps, and return address stickers (coming later)

Monthly calendar pages. I just downloaded these from calendar dot com.

When the bills come in, I will just write the name and due date a few days before the bill is actually due. When I pay the bill, I'll write the check number and amount paid - in a red pen of course!

This folder is the "holding tank" for the unpaid bills. (See the yellow label that says "To Pay"??) After I've added the due date to the calendar, I add the bills to this pouch until time to write the check.

Sorry this is such an aweful picture. This is where the statements will go AFTER the checks have been written. I made a separate divider for each of our bills.

Remember that I'm not spending any money on this project? Remember also that I HAVE to have labels? Well, here's my solution! I could have used my label maker, but I was afraid I'd run out of tape and I couldn't possibly only do part of my labels - Oh No!! Instead, I went Old School again and used my Creative Memories tools and my Xyron to make the labels.

I had recently taken apart some old workshop binders and had this stash of heavy duty dividers. Obviously I didn't need "Session 1" for our Bill Paying binder....

A handwritten label for each bill and a quick run through the Xyron = instant personalized labels.

We've already started using it! It turned out just great, even if I do say so myself!

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Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Great job LJ! I am so glad that you felt inspired and I hope this system works for you! Wishing you a happy Sunday! Angie xo