Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

What a JOYFUL day!! We serve a RISEN LORD!!! The stone was rolled away - death can not hold him!!
When Dave and I got married, he promised to get me a new Easter outfit every year. Aw....isn't that super sweet!!

This year, we picked out a bright, sunny dress. I love it!

I hate to get my picture taken, but I wanted to show everyone my new dress.

The top is sleeveless. I actually like it. It's a little chilly (and windy - of course!!) today, so I'm glad it came with the jacket.

The best part ---- it's 2 sizes smaller than I've been wearing!! Whoo Hoo!!

Well - hopefully this is the last picture of me for a long time!!! Projects are much more interesting!

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jennie said...

Love it and you look great!!