Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Tired!

There - I've said it. I'm tired! Not the "I'll just take a nap and feel better" kind of tired. I'm talking the "Down in my bones, can hardly move" kind of tired.

OK -here's a disclaimer.

If you are family - DON'T WORRY! There's nothing wrong! I promise!
If you aren't family, you are probably bored with all of this anyway, so you can stop reading now.

I've debated for a while about whether I should post this or not. Since this blog is about my life, I decided to go ahead and write.

Today, I woke up SUPER late (becuase I haven't slept much the last few nights) and barely had time for a shower. Then, I didn't have time to shave my legs. Normally not a big deal, but today they are man-legs! Well, I promptly forgot about the forest on my legs and ended up putting on a skirt. On my way to work, I discovered that I had also forgotten to put on a slip! Sheesh!

The rest of the day was just like that. I even missed a webinar I'd been looking forward to for weeks. I got my times wrong and just missed it.

I'm not stressed. I'm not worried. There's nothing going on. I'm just TIRED!

I think I'm starting to fall apart! I have a mouth-full of ulcers, my carpal tunnel is acting up, and my left leg aches so badly that it wakes me up at night! Is this what middle age is all about?!?

Well, I've complained enough. Sorry to let all of this out online. I'll be bright and sunny in my next post! Thanks for listening!


Phyllis@Around the House said...

I think it is what it is all my carpul tunnel operated on both hands ...yay..easy peasy...have doc check the one leg you may need a baby asprin each day...and of course they say exercise ups your mood and you love hearing that...take care...Dr. Phyllis

jennie said...

Sounds like you need a dose of Landon to give you some energy!! Can't wait to see y'all soon.