Saturday, April 7, 2012

Surprise Project!

After our normal Saturday routine of breakfast out and a quick weigh-in, we headed out to Lowe's. We had every intention of getting the materials to install another row of shelving in the garage. We were going to put a second row under this one. Well, .......

Look what we found instead!

We took a quick walk through the garden center and stopped right in our tracks! Look at the price!!

There were actually 3 couples hovering around these pavers, but we prevailed! The group in front of us took 13 and we took the rest..... 60 pavers! Did I mention 60 - SUPER HEAVY - pavers?!?

We knew we wanted to create a nice seating area surrounded by plants - we just didn't plan to do it so soon! Still, this was a bargain we just couldn't pass up.


In between buying and laying the pavers, we had to make a quick trip to the Small Animal Emergency Clinic!! Somehow, Riley had hurt the dew claw on her front right paw. It had started bleeding and was obviously hurting her. The vet wasn't worried. He quickly fixed her up and we were back home before we knew it. Our only problem was trying to figure out how to keep her from licking/chewing it. Remember that she's a lab!!

Problem solved......tape a baggie around her leg!


Before ---->


After ---->

A few hours later, and we now have a beautiful new front patio!! By the time we were finished, every nook and cranny in the patio -- and our bodies was filled with sand, but it was all worth it. We are very happy with our surprise project!!

Can't you see it ---- 2 rocking chairs with a small table, all surrounded with fragrant and colorful flowers?? Ahhhh!!

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