Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fibro Update

It's been a while since I've written about my fibro, so I thought I'd give a short update. Bottom line: I feel much better!! Getting away from all that stress really did make a difference.

I don't have the intense pain right now. My left leg doesn't hurt all the time and I can walk much easier. I haven't had the sharp burning or the deep ache in my leg in several months.

I do still have skin sensitivity on both arms and the discomfort/pain varies in intensity. The cold, windy weather is especially hard. It still isn't as bad as it was.

The fingers on my left hand have been hurting quite a bit lately, especially the knuckles on my 3rd and 4th fingers. This is relatively new.

My headaches are much better, although I still attribute that to the Propranalol that I take every night.

Sleeping is still an issue. I LOVE our Sleep Number bed and it has made sleeping a little easier. I have a very hard time falling asleep and then I don't stay asleep more than about 2-3 hours at a time.

The exhaustion is still an issue at times. There are days when I have lots of energy and then there are days when I can hardly move around without getting very tired.

I still deal with "fibro fog", but it doesn't seem to be as much any more. It's more prevalent when I'm tired or feeling stressed.

I still take my Cymbalta and I don't have any plans to stop! It definitely makes a difference in my health!! I've gained about 15 pounds since I first started taking it (but I also stopped counting my Weight Watchers points), but I'll trade a little weight for less pain.

I will always fight depression, but even that has gotten a little better.

The good thing about this break in employment, is that I have received the blessing of time. This time has allowed me to slowly regain my health. I am able to stop and take naps whenever I need to and I don't have the same pressure to "succeed" as I did before. I have started walking several days a week and that helps with so many things. It's hard at times, but it's worth it. I push myself, but just to the right point....I don't want to push too hard and end up paying for it for several days.

I know that one of the hallmarks of fibromyalgia is that it flares up and then there are times when the symptoms aren't as noticeable. All I know is that for whatever reason, I am feeling better now than I have in almost a year. The fibro hasn't gone away....I still hurt and I still struggle with several of the other issues, but I am definitely better and that's what I'm focusing on!!

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