Monday, September 16, 2013

Twine and a Bowl

My house doesn't usually reflect the current trends in design. You won't find chevron, or bright gold accents, brightly painted animals, or even the newest pantone colors. Those just seem "too much" for DH and I. We are pretty simple in our design tastes. We like natural items and simple items. I always tell people that I want our home to "Tell Our Story".

One of the trends that HAS caught my attention has been all the twine (or rope, jute, string, etc.) wrapped anything and everything. I love how you can take a very simple container and suddenly it is elevated into something special. This is also a look that can be created for almost no money, and that fits my current budget perfectly!!

Here is just a simple project that I've done. It all started with a bundle of inexpensive twine, a small bowl from the Dollar Tree, and my glue gun.

Some people start wrapping the twine on the top of the item. I knew I only wanted to the twine to go about 1/2 way, so I started on the bottom. I simply ran a line of hot glue and then pressed the twine directly into the glue. Just keep putting glue/twine until you decide when to stop. It's really just that EASY PEASY! 

I needed just that little extra "something" in this small vignette, and this twine bowl worked out perfectly! I couldn't be happier! That was a 10-minutes well spent!  
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