Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scrapbook Room - The REVEAL!!

I'm ready to reveal to the world -- My Scrapbook Room!!!

Just to refresh your memory, we built our house in December 2011. I knew I wanted my scrapbook room to be in the front of the house so I could look outside while I was working. My hubby and I created this room from scratch, building it just the way I wanted it. YES - I am most definitely spoiled!! Anyway, as with all of our home projects, this one isn't 100% finished, but it's close enough to share. I LOVE it!!!!

Let's take a quick peek around the room first and then I'll open everything and show ya the goods!!

The main unit is on the left wall. You can see more about how we built this unit here and here. I like to stand and sit while I work, so I made sure the counter was standing height. The entire width is 9 feet and I have 6 feet of work space!!! That's a whole-lotta wonderful!!!  

My big front window is immediately in front of the door. This 5-shelf bookcase is to the right of the window and the 3-shelf bookcase is directly in front of my table.


The final wall is a small one - just in between the entrance door and the closet door. I have my eye on a bookcase from Ikea, but that will have to wait for a while. This old baker's rack works fine for now.

Now that you have taken the "grand tour", let's get a little more personal shall we???
                            Don't ya just love getting to look inside? I do!!
I store all of my 12x12 paper in the tall cabinet on the left. I didn't take any close-up shots, but you can see that everything is clearly labeled. Some drawers are for specific projects, some are non-Creative Memories papers, and other drawers are CM papers that are in rainbow order. ('Cause my OCD self won't tolerate anything less!!)

I keep a variety of supplies inside the tall cabinet on the right. Things like floral supplies, simple sewing items, embellishments, die cuts, misc supplies and stickers that are too large for my other system.

I completely forgot to take a picture of what I store in the bottom left cabinet. (Drat -- I'll stay after Blogger School and write "I will remember all of the pictures" 1000 times!) Anyway, I keep my Cricut cartridges, paper packs (the 3 for $10 ones from Michael's), journaling blocks, and scrap paper. See a theme -- all of my paper is basically on the left side of the unit.

The bottom right cabinet holds things like scissors and punches. I also keep my Canon in that blank spot in the top right. That black cord runns from the plug (inside the cabinet) to my Ott light (on the counter top.) We designed the electrical outlets like this on both sides, so I can still use the plugs but you can't see the outlets. (Hubby is very smart!!)

You behaved yourself so well in the cabinets, that I think it's safe to open up the drawers!! Right now, the far left just holds some junk items, so I didn't take that picture.

The second one holds all my pens, just ready for journaling!!

Next drawer is reserved for cutting tools.

Final drawer is for adhesives.
I lined each drawer with cork and used a variety of organizers to keep everything grouped together. I placed everything "just so" because of how easy they are to reach from either the desk or the counter top. Everything is in perfect reach! Easy peasy!

The entire back wall is a pegboard. On the left are my cutting mats and Sharpies. My CM cutting shapes are on the right. Across the top are some of my curling ribbons. At some point, I want to put a curtain across the ribbon, but I haven't found one I want. I'll keep looking.



Whoo Hoo!! That's the main unit. I LOVE it!!! Are you ready to move on??

Let's look at the 5-shelf bookcase by the window. Top shelf holds ribbon -- color coded of course! 

Next shelf is for Xyron and ideas.....books in the middle and loose cards in the basket. 

The third shelf is for stamps, stamp pads, and the old Creative Memories "Thanks to You" sets. I'm still looking for just the "perfect" way to store my ink pads. Right now, they are just on the shelf. I didn't really take a picture of the bottom shelf, but that's where I keep my stickers and items to scrapbook. I put each event (pictures and "stuff") into a clasp envelope and file then by date order. When I'm ready to work, I just grab an envelope and go.

I keep my albums and some specific projects in the 3-shelf bookcase under the gallery wall. I also keep a glass jar with Washi tape, a wooden bowl with baker's twine, and a Longaberger basket with small chalkoards.  
Even with all of this mind-sparking gorgeousness, one of my favorite things about the room is my gallery wall!! I just love getting to look up at some of my very favorite items/memories!!  

Life is GOOD!!
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