Monday, October 17, 2011

Brick and sheetrock!

What fun -- the brick is almost finished and the stone has started. It looks great!!

The crew started the sheetrock today. The lead guy said he hopes to have it finished tomorrow. Can't wait to see what it looks like. It's like opening a new present every day.

Lubbock was hit with a "wall of dirt" this afternoon.

Those are not my pix - I was busy with children and wasn't thinking about taking photos. Still, this is exactly what it looked like. NASTY!!! The wind had been blowing pretty badly most of the day, but about 5:30, the entire sky turned DARK!! The 3-year-old I was holding said, "The sky is angry." Yes, Josiah.....the sky is definitely angry!!

Check out some videos different people took.

The sky began to clear a little, but it still looks bad. We knew there was a bad drought, but this is extreme. I've seen lots of dust storms, but I've never seen dirt like this. I sure hope this is just a fluke and not a precursor of upcoming weather!

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