Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The brick has started!!

The house is changing so fast right now. I can hardly wait to see it from day to day. Just like we were told, the brick work started today. It looks great!! We went with a really dark (not quite burgundy) red. It will look quite striking with the dark grey roof and white stone.

The bricklayers started in the back of the house. The brick hasn't been cleaned, so it looks like it has some grey. It doesn't.

Guest suite is on the left. Family room is in the middle and master suite is on the right. The patio will be 18' across. Right now, it's 7' deep -- from the windows to the end of the roof. We are planning to pour some extra concrete and add a couple more feet to the patio. We want to be able to put a table outside and enjoy our backyard.

This shot gives you a little better view of the guest suite. Obviously, they are still working on the master. I'm standing almost, but not quite, at the back of our property. 

All of the wiring is finished --- electrical, tv, data, alarm, and surround sound, and the few things we discussed last night have all been addressed. (Moving an outlet or two and adding the data lines.) It looks like all of the air ducts are in, and the shower units are all in place. It sure is fun to walk around every night just to see what's new. I know it will slow down soon, but for now it's really fun playing "I spy" with all the new features!!

Now, I'm curling up with my new Pottery Barn catalog!! After all, I have a new house to furnish and decorate!! 

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C Hall said...

This is soooo cool! How exciting to be able to drive by each night and follow the action :)