Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We can't get in!!!

Well, it's official - the doors are locked and we can't get in. Grrrrrr!! So the builder officially still owns the house - small technicality! It's OUR HOME!! Ok - Ok. I'm alright - just disappointed because we really enjoy walking around and checking out "the latest". Guess this just means we'll be even more surprised when we actually see things.

Tonight, we saw that all of the concrete has been poured. Yes - we scratched our initials into the back patio. The concrete was already fairly dry, so I don't know if the letters will show up, but WE know they are there! That's good enough for us.

When we peeked into the windows, we saw the interior doors and trim laying inside the different rooms. That can only mean one thing -- installation soon!! Whoo hoo!!!

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