Thursday, October 6, 2011

House Blessing

Tonight was very special -- we invited several friends to help us bless our new home. We asked some people who are important to us as a couple. It was a small and intimate group - just perfect for us.

We joined hands and one of our friends offered a beautiful prayer. Then, everyone grabbed a Sharpie and started writing scriptures and blessings all around. It was such an awesome experience!

I really wonder what the construction crew will think when they get there tomorrow! I hope they read everything and the messages to speak to them just as they speak to us.

Dave is writing on the kitchen wall.

Good friend, Anna Phillips, is writing in the Dining Room.

Anna's son, Sam, is writing on the wall leading from the kitchen into the Family Room.

Good friends, Steve and Carol Boothe, are writing a Hebrew blessing on the fireplace. We laughed when he said it had been too long and he didn't remember how to write in Hebrew. We can't read Hebrew, so we wouldn't have known what he wrote anyway! He just wrote it in English - lucky us!

Dave's mom is writing a special scripture in our Master Bedroom.

It's beginning to look more like a real house! See the pretty arches? I'm standing in the Family Room. The big arch on the left is looking into the kitchen. The smaller one on the right is going into the Master Bedroom.

We had doors and windows when we got there tonight!! This is my Scrapbook Room.  I'm loving this big, 7-ft-window!!

It's definitely feeling more and more like "home"!

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