Monday, October 24, 2011

Next phase

Yippee - things are still moving along with the new house. Today when we stopped by, we discovered that the forms for the concrete are all in place! Looks like they'll be pouring the concrete tomorrow -- sidewalk, driveway, and back porch.

They also sprayed the primer and texture on all the walls. Hopefully that means the painting will go up tomorrow!! Every day it looks more and more like a home.

UGH --- they have now started locking the doors!!! Luckily, Dave crawled through a window and opened the door for us. We better find another way in!! I HAVE to see my house on a regular basis!!!


bj said...

I know you must be just about to burst with is lookin' GOOD....:)

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting!! Congrats to you and Dr. Dave on your new home. I look forward to seeing it in person when its finished. I love and miss you both dearly. Love, Love you blog.