Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Home Tour - Part 3

Part 3 starts in our Dining Room.

We have an open concept floorplan and our Family Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen all open up together. The Dining Room faces the front of the home.
It's window is the one you see in our front garden.

This picture is the start of the tablescape. I only have the silver chargers out right now....not the full table. The centerpiece is just a simple mixture of pine branches (fake, of course), a silvery-purple ribbon, and purple ornaments, a gold candle, and a gold charger. The tree has silver,  but the rest of the room has a lot of gold. I am still "old-school" and don't usually blend silver and gold, but it just seemed to work for the table.
 (And you are totally singing the "Silver and Gold" song from Rudolph, aren't you?!?!)

A few years ago, we went to Atlanta to celebrate with my brother and his family. My nephew left cookies and milk for Santa and Santa wrote a thank-you note back to M!! We were all super excited! I HAD to take a picture!

Our TREE!!

Our formal tree is huge and is covered in purple, silver, and white. It's the same theme we've had for the past 6 years and I love it just as much today as I did when I first started shopping for the ornaments.  

I just LOVE having the lights on! It's so beautiful!!

OK -- We have finally made it to the kitchen. Theme = Gingerbread!

It's funny - I don't like the taste of gingerbread and I don't cook, but I love gingerbread decorations. They are so cute and festive! Here's our gingerbread tree. It's a 4' tree that already has lights and berries. It looks more formal, but then the playful decorations make it fun.

3 gingerbread placemats and fun decorations across the bar.

Thanks, Mom, for the "vintage" Christmas cookie cutters!! Yup - they really are vintage. She pulled them out of the basement and sent them straight to me! I just tossed them in a pretty glass trifle dish, added some silver ball ornaments, and presto - a cute display for the kitchen.

Last stop on the third part of this tour, is the Hot Chocolate station. Feel free to help yourself.
The Keurig is just to the right of this picture and the mugs are in the cabinet overhead.
Fix your favorite flavor and add some marshmallows and/or a candy cane.
Enjoy your break and we'll finish the tour tomorrow!

Good Night!
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