Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Home Tour - Part 4

Hooray for making it this far! You're almost to the end.

Part 4 of The Tour starts in our Master Bedroom. This room is very difficult to film,
so I'll apologize up front!

I'm standing in the doorway, looking back towards the bed.
The master bath is on the right.....far out of this shot.

I am a HUGE lover of carousel horses. I've been collecting carousel horse ornaments for at least 15 years and try to get 1 or 2 every year. They are VERY hard to find and I'm always ecstatic when I run across one. I do have a couple of other animals, but I really prefer the horses. They are so majestic!

This arrangement is very simple, but very meaningful to me. The "blanket" is actually a hand-made tree skirt. It was under my grandparents' tree for years and years. I love the connection to family!
The stars in the wooden basket are also hand-made by the same grandmother and my great-grandmother. I recognize several of the fabrics from different articles of clothing that I (and my loved ones) wore. Everything was crafted with love and now they bring that same love into my home.

 I also keep another major collection in our Master Bedroom......
my collection of Precious Moments.
I started collecting them when I was in High School. My mom has given me several each year ever since. This year, I decided to display the Christmas ones all by themselves.
Their sweet little faces always make me so happy!

These next 2 are the first one's I ever got. Thanks, Mom!!!

Ok, everybody!! you knew I couldn't stop at the bathroom door!! If DH gets a special tree in his bathroom, then I get one in the Master Bath!

I think every girl deserves a little sparkly, purple Christmas tree!!

Thanks for reading! You just have 1 more post to go!!
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