Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert

Some people attend The Nutcracker to celebrate the Christmas Season -- but us??? No silly dancers in tights and costumes! We go hard-core, rock & roll!! To my hubby, nothing says "Christmas is Coming", like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!!

(No offense!! I actually {HEART} The Nutcracker and I have several close connections to the performance this year. Break a leg, friends!!)

To be honest, this concert pushes me waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone. It's always VERY crowded......VERY loud........and has a CRAZY laser show. I struggle with each of those things by themselves, and to put them together..... Let's just say I need to triple my medication. Lol!

Still, it's a super-cool event and The Hubster sure does love it. He's so good to me all of the time, that I'm extra happy to do things that he likes.

We started the evening by hosting several dear friends and my mother-in-love for supper at our home. We always enjoy opening our home to friends and family, and it was extra special to share it in all it's Christmas finery!

Next stop, the United Spirit Arena to see........


This gentleman has the most AMAZING deep, rich speaking voice!! He has a true gift of telling stories
The commercials said this was the "Final Performance of The Lost Christmas Eve." We're a little confused because we've seen TSO several times and this is the first time we've seen a different show. I liked the last show a lot, but I actually prefer this one. It is a beautiful, inspiring Christian-based Christmas story. TSO is sponsored by Hallmark and this performance was definitely "Hallmark movie" quality!

The scenery and backdrops were incredible!! My pictures and words do NOT do them any justice!

You have NEVER heard "O Come, All Ye Faithful" until you've heard this lady belt it out!! Holy cow!!! Tears--chills--the works!

If you ever get a chance to see this group in concert, RUN - do not walk, to get tickets!! Just take my advice...... bring your ear plugs and be prepared to look away from the lights. Hopefully, you can watch more of it than I can, but if not, you'll still love it. : )~

As for the Jenkins household, we are now officially ready for Christmas. Our home is fully decorated (House Tour post coming in a few days.), and we have both experienced our "thing" that kicks off the season. (If you're curious about mine, check back in a day or so. I'll be posting it this week.)

What is your "signal"?? What means Christmas is Coming to you??
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