Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Home Tour - Part 5

Last stop on the Christmas Home Tour!!!!

This is how we displayed our cards this year. I took an old picture frame and hot glued twine across the back. Those little black things you see are actually tiny chalkboards attached to clothespins. For actual cards, we simply slipped them over the twine. For pictures, we pinned them to the twine. We have happily added several more cards, so the display has filled up nicely.
Yes, it's leaning on the floor! I had grand plans to hang it using Command Hooks, but the hooks didn't stick. The frame might - or might not - have come crashing down at least once!
I figured leaning it would be GREAT!!

Santas and angels have taken up residence in the Guest Bedroom.

This tiny tree is for angels.

I love my Santas. This started out as a small collection, but as collections do,
this one has grown quite a bit over the years.  Some are antiques, some came from the Dollar Tree, and some have been given as gifts. I love them all!

And lastly, a quick picture of our back fence. I really didn't do much for the back yard. Guess that may have to be a project for next year!!

And, that's all folks!!! Thanks so much for sticking with me. I love decorating our home for every different holiday/season, but I especially go crazy for Christmas. It's just so much fun!! I hope you have enjoyed it and that you have spread Christmas cheer throughout your home as well.

Merry Christmas!!!
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