Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Break - Day 3

Spent the day House Hunting and Golfing.
House Hunting - are you kidding?!?!?
Dr. Dave and I have started having "the talk." No - not THAT "the talk". The other one. The one that starts like - "We sure are running out of space. Maybe we should start looking at larger houses." I don't know what we're thinking!! This house is beautiful and we only moved in 3-years ago. In fact, we built it. I love it, but do admit that more room sure would be nice. We've started looking at some existing homes that are currently on the market.....haven't been impressed. Also started looking with our builder - Betenbough Homes. Definitely have seen some houses we like. Now, just have to look at our budget. We're not planning to move any time soon, but you never know......

Well, I have a true "love/hate" relationship with golf. I want to love it - really I do. My loving DH loves it and I want to love it like he does. The problem is that I'm REALLY bad!! Actually, it's more like painstakingly, pitifully, horribly bad! I've only played about 30 times and some days I don't think I've gotten any better.

The course was super crowded today and that made it even harder for me. I'm easily intimidated when there are so many other people around. (Remember how bad I am?!?!) We were paired up with a father/son so I didn't end up hitting many balls.

Oh yeah - I'm also easily distracted!
Guess this little fella is hoping no one hits him with a slice!
This one is hoping I don't get his back foot - I need all the luck I can get!!

Still, it was a beautiful day and I got to spend it with my hubby. Life is good!

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