Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Break - Day 5

Another day spent with my hubby!! Love that!! Today we:

- Enjoyed a DELISH breakfast at The Breakfast House. This is one of our favorite places and today the food was exceptional!
- Talked more about a new house and drove all over town looking at some.
- FINALLY opened joint accounts!! We've been talking about it since we got married so we finally took the time today to do it. Yeah for us. We can now cross that off the list!
- Went back to Lowe's to get an ornamental grass for my new flowerbed and some more edging. Oh yeah -- some stuff to kill the grub worms I found while digging that bed. YUCK!
- Dr. Dave had a meeting so I spent the time browsing through a garden catalog and talking to my parents on the phone.
- Went to the laundromat to wash cleaning rags and Riley's towels and bed cover. I'm not putting those nasty things in my washer/dryer!

To think we did all of that with a cold dust storm blowing us around like crazy!

Yup - I still have tons of stuff to do around the house, but they'll wait. This was more fun!

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