Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where's the Calgon when you need it??

What a morning! Between 9:30-11:00, ALL of this happened.....

* A sub called in sick
* A teacher had her contact roll to the back of her eye
* A teacher had a sick baby
* A lady came to talk to a teacher and look at our clay. (Sounds funny, but she's going to do a special Mother's Day craft with our kids and she wanted to see the condition of our clay.)
* Our Child Care Licensing Representative made an unannounced follow-up visit. We were using a Sunday School room that we are not authorized to use. Yikes!! Luckily, she didn't write a citation - just a big warning!
* 2 different people came in to apply for jobs.
* The Speech Path came to conduct a hearing screening on 7 children.
* 2 reps from the temp agency we work with stopped by on a courtesy visit.
* A tour of 9 high school girls came through
* A photographer visited all the classrooms. (We are making posters for the church Mother's Day Love Offering.)
* Don't forget all the phone calls!

Whew - I'm exhausted just from writing all of that!

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Anonymous said...

yeahhhhhh you have a blog!! I have one too but I haven't updated it in a very long time!! In need to get with it!! LOL I am so sorry your day was so crazy!! I know you must have been so overwhelmed!!! You are an amazing director!! Please know what a great great great job you are doing!!! Love ya, Crystal