Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Break - Day 7

Well, today was my last day of Spring Break. I know I got a lot done but it still feels like I have a lot to do. Guess that's part of the joy of homeownership. Lucky me!!

After spending so much time this week looking at other people's houses, we decided to spend time in our own.

Today we:
-Did tons of yardwork.
* Weeded
* Pruned the roses
* Cut off the bottom part of the spruce tree
* Moved wood from the garage to the shed
* Cleaned out 5 flower beds
* Planted new flowers
* Added edging to 2 flowerbeds
- Went back to Ivey Gardens to buy what I didn't buy earlier this week.
- Went back to Lowe's to get some new pegboard pieces.
- Went to Wal-Mart
- Took a NAP!

I'm exhausted! We did lots of stuff this week and I loved every minute of it! Now it's time to head back to work - life as usual. I'm ready.

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