Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Break - Day 4

Another full day. When do I have time to work? Ha! Dr. Dave was off again today, so we were able to spend the day together. Yippee!!

Today we:
-Met the Betenbough New Home Specialist to tour a couple of homes (one is ready and one is still being built)
-Went to Lowe's to find one of those things you put on your garage floor to let you know when to stop before you hit the wall!!! Also checked out the garden center.
-Spent lots of time trying to figure out if we can put in the fence by ourselves for less than the builder will charge. (We can, but not for a lot less. Is it worth the hassle? What am I saying - we haven't even decided to move!!)
-Took my Tribute to the shop to have a few things checked out.
-Went to Ivey Garden's to check out their pretties.
-Stopped by Sutherlands - they didn't have any pretties at all!
- Took a NAP!! : )
- Dr. Dave went to class and I dug a new flowerbed and planted cannas. After I add a couple of things I'll take pix to post.
- Dr. Dave brought me a YUMMY Blizzard!!! Good man!!!!

Whew - wonder what we'll do tomorrow!

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