Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day

On Friday, we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day. I first started planning this weeks ago - I wanted it to be a surprise for the teachers and I was SUPER excited because It Worked!!!

The teachers were overwhelmed with the gifts, notes, and cards from both the parents and the children. It was so special to see their faces and hear their stories. I know they work extremely hard and I wanted the teachers to know that the parents know it, too.

Dr. Dave and I prepared a homemade lunch for everyone. Dr. Dave spent the day at the Preschool - cooking up a storm. He wore his chef hat and Mickey Mouse apron. Needless to say, he was a HUGE hit with the children and the teachers. It was great fun!

Leslie, Children's Ministry Director, put together a milk and cookie bar. It was so adorable! The teachers talked about it all day long! (Well, in between bites, that is!!)

It was a great day and we're already thinking about what to do next year!

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